Agile Coach

Very experienced Agile Coach with over eight years of experience in the Agile field and twenty years of experience in ICT. Advisor for organisations that want to be successful by becoming Agile. Fulfilled various roles like Business Analyst, Requirements Manager and Project Manager, giving him a good grasp on the challenges and pitfalls of modern software development and maintenance.

Passionate about working Agile and conveying its values and principles, employing these as a means to help individuals, teams and organisations become successful as a whole. Understands that the value of a product release can only be a measure of success when exposed to the market or its users. Aims to help Product Owners and Teams by creating a product that is setup to achieve success in the smallest steps possible.

Understands that the hallmark of a successful agile environment is a full grasp of the Agile values and principles extending to every layer of the organisation, developer and manager alike. Addresses and coaches development teams, and the respective Product Owner, as wel as the responsible managers and stakeholders to help make the transition to agile as sustainable as possible.

Helps teams adopt Agile Engineering practices, and create a pull for knowledge rather than a push. Uses Serious Games for effective Retrospectives, Impact- and Story and Mapping for maximisation of Sprint outcome, and Continuous Integration to detect early failure and gain direct feedback on the smallest of changes.

Loves working as Scrum Master for teams that have already made the transition to Agile. Combines his extensive experience as team lead, and project manager, with his understanding of Agile, helping teams reach their full, sustainable potential. Helps in gaining a clear insight into their performance for the benefit of both the team, their Product Owner and their stakeholders.